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Tube Bending Machines from SOCO, INECO, TRANSFLUID, AMI, STIERLI and now COMAC.  Advanced Fabricating Machinery, Inc sells and services pipe and tube benders in partnership with a select network of distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Whether it's mandrel tube bending or pipe bending we are your source for bending solutions.



NEW PRODUCT - PlasmaCope1200

The PlasmaCope1200 cuts to length, copes or notches pipe and tube with plasma cutting process.  Holes, slots, cutouts, straight cuts and miter cuts are all possible with this automated machine which addresses the tube cutting procedure and eliminates the labor content from the coping or hole making process.

Ineco QB series of tube bending machines feature simple PLC control with Part Storage capability and Quick Change Tooling. The Ineco Basic tube bender features programmable bend angle and bends to 90 in just 5 seconds for only $9,400.
Soco mandrel bending machines range from NC controlled hydraulic with manual positioning to 4 and 5 axis servo driven CNC.  The semi-automatic models are second to none and the CNC machines range to 2" electric and 3.5" hydraulic servo driven.
Transfluid hydraulic mandrel benders range from 3/4" tube up to 8" with a variety of controls and options. This flexibility allows us to fit a machine to your production and budget. Transfluid offers end forming solutions as well.
AMI Transfer Lines for high production with multiple operations.  Automotive seat frames, head rests, and lawn furniture are just a few of the applications where AMI has provided the answer for delivering a finished part every 6 - 8 seconds with 100% QC.
Stierli provides horizontal press bending and straightening solutions.
Comac Roll Bending is our newest addition to complete our line of bending products.  Having a long history in roll bending, Comac provides quality machines for rolling pipe, bar, angle or other profiles. Offering both pyramid and double initial pinch models, we can again fulfill our customer's needs with a section roll that fits the application and the budget.

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